Anaerobic 5 The Island Roads of British Columbia

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This is a difficult, fast paced, indoor bike workout, that will put you through your paces. Numerous islands exist on the Pacific Coast of British Columbia, get on your bike and let's tour them!




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ANAEROBIC 5 – The Islands of British Columbia. Our journey continues from the North ferry terminal on Salt Springs Island, a small island just off the coast of Vancouver Island. The sun is up and the day is bright and cheerful!
Enjoy this magnificent ride through the heart of Salt Springs Island and then continue as our adventure hops a ferry to the port of Sydney where we continue our ride.
We’ll be pedaling hard trying to beat sunset and energized by the brilliant day South towards the capitol city, Victoria. Along the way we’ll get some nice views of the Pacific Ocean, green lush forests and smooth open roads. But, this is no pleasure ride, the efforts are high and very difficult. Keep up and blast your legs. This ride will put you to the test. Do you have what it takes?

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British Columbia

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Anaerobic Workouts, Power and Muscle

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This is a workout workout – stay hydrated and stay focused. This indoor bike workout will have you slumped in a pile of mush when it’s over. The narrative will make sure that you are completely exhausted. This narrative focuses on the efforts that need to be maintained in order to accomplish this difficult ride. I’ll do what I can to keep you motivated, but, it’s you who will need to muster the strength and fortitude to endure this tortuous saddle time. Think I’m joking? Give it a shot. Watch it free right now at
What’s the matter? Chicken? 😉

4 reviews for Anaerobic 5 The Island Roads of British Columbia

  1. 5 out of 5


    This is a very tough workout and an excellent video. For roughly two hours, you travel through some beautiful islands near Vancouver Island, wending your way through the tree-lined green landscapes that so typify the Pacific Northwest. You even make it onto a ferry, that ubiquitous means of travel among such islands.

    The intro contains a nice aerial view of the ride, giving you a good sense of expectation and of being there, as you sit indoors either on your trainer or spin bike. The “dashboard” contains the metrics for the workout, and Paul explains them carefully and helps you “calibrate” your equipment to best simulate the actual ride. Then you ride, preferably using a heart rate monitor to mimic the effort of the actual ride.

    The scenery is always lovely, very much worth taking in as you do the “ride.” The focus is a little soft, but this is only 720 and it gets the job done. Some may find the dashboard somewhat intrusive, but that could be a matter of taste, as whereas I do the rides to immerse myself in the on-road experience, others may prefer to follow the metrics closely for the best workout.

    In any event, this workout removes you from your indoor cave, transporting you to a great spot in the Pacific Northwest. The workout is the ride and it’s well worth repeating. Try it!

  2. 5 out of 5


    A high cadence, high sweat ride.

    At one point in this video, Paul (the video’s creator) says “Okay, get ready, the hump-buster is about to begin.” That pretty much sums up this entire video — it’s a full-on workout that will have you sweating hard and hanging out for the end.

    The video starts with a slightly corny opening sequence, followed by a very helpful calibration section where Paul guides you through a series of increasing efforts to get you warmed up and to get your heart rate matching the one shown on the video. Paul also gives some good tips on how to match your heart rate if you don’t have an adjustable trainer.

    As soon as the calibration section is finished, the ride goes straight into a “big icky hill climb” — and it’s a toughie. At the top I was absolutely dripping, and grimaced as Paul helpful said “that was the start. It gets harder.”

    After the hill climb, Paul describes the dashboard and guides you through the high cadence efforts as we pass several “carrots” (other cyclists). There no particular topic discussed on this video, though there are plenty of tips and Paul gives a very interesting commentary on the areas we are riding through. It is a scenic ride through two islands in British Columbia, with a ferry ride in the middle, though you’re working so hard you barely notice the scenery rushing past.

    Paul is constantly pushing you to a high heart-rate effort, and there is an awful lot of red on the heart rate chart. One thing that worried me was the solid swathe of red at the very end: a full-on sprint for the last few minutes of the ride. I was dreading this, though it was over quickly and was very doable. I did have to cool down for a few minutes after the video finished, though.

    At one point when I rode this video, I had a disaster: I dropped my towel, and it was lying on the ground beneath my bike, just out of reach. I didn’t want to stop the video, so all I could do was drip on it. The workout is intense and amazing.

    I have only two very minor criticisms of this video. During the ferry ride (most of which is edited out), there is no instruction on what you should be doing — should we stop and rest, soft pedal, or keep going hard? It only lasted for a minute or so, so I decided to soft pedal, but I would have appreciated a word on what to do. Instead, the narration just stops, and starts again on the other side.

    My second criticism is of the elevation profile shown on the dashboard. The elevation profile depicted what looked like a dead flat ride with suspiciously symmetrical humps. I double-checked the course in Google Maps, and the elevation profile seems to have been flattened so that it no longer matches the course. The ride is relatively flat (only a couple of hundred metres of climbing in total), but the elevation profile just didn’t look right to me.

    Of course, that didn’t stop me enjoying the video. It’s an excellent workout, with quick gear changes and sustained efforts to keep you on your toes. The aim of the workout is to maximise your power output, keeping your heart rate just below maximum. I found it an excellent tool for teaching my legs to spin faster, as Paul regularly reminds us to “get that leg speed up”.

    If you want to learn how to ride harder and faster, this is the perfect video for you. While it’s not really for beginners, I highly recommend this video for more experienced riders.

  3. 5 out of 5


    This video takes us to Salt Springs Island just off Vancouver Island, in British Columbia. It is a very difficult 2 hour ride to Victoria. Very difficult. I have to admit, I couldn’t make it in one sitting. I will have to work up to it.

    This would be a good introduction to the Cycling Videos Online series (if you’re looking for some pain). Paul Gallas spends the first few minutes helping us calibrate our bikes. In the process I learned a lot about my trainer and how to tweak the resistance.

    As for the ride, the audio and video are top notch. The download comes with different audio options in case you would rather listen to your own music. The video starts with a satellite overview of the course, which keeps going and going and going. During the ride Paul tells us about the beautiful island and the local culture, which keeps our minds off our legs.

    As always, the “dashboard” provides all the necessary metrics for people to duplicate the workout, whether people are riding their road bike on a trainer, or on a spin bike.

    I’m going to try it again in upcoming weeks and see if I can do it all at once, keeping up with Paul’s level of exertion. My heart rate was often over 90% of max.

    I have several CVO videos, and this may the toughest. That includes some long distance century rides. I love this one, and highly recommend it.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I am so exhausted and so tired right now, but even more, I am so proud of myself because I managed to finish this ride without taking more than a few short breaks and I am still breathing …

    The ANA Island Roads of B.C is an amazing, yet very though ride from Salt Spring Island to Victoria. It is a almost two hour ride that will literally take your breath away both because the scenery is amazing and because it is a hard ride. I had to change the resistance all the time but I know it is necessary to do so to get the best possible result.

    I love doing this ride because I “feel” that I am at the scene. There is so much to see along the way and listening to Paul, telling me to give it my all the entire time makes the time go by very fast. It is nice to take along on the ferry, and I love that I am shown glimpses of the scenery along the way.

    Paul is a great narrator. I learn a lot listening to him and he tells me everything I need to know to get a great workout. There is a infopanel on the screen along with a map, so I can both see where I am and how I am (or should be) doing :)
    I do also enjoy listening to the music in the background, it fits perfectly.

    I know that I soon will be doing this ride again, I totally love it. You should so try it out!

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