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Heart Health 4 – The Islands of B.C

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Enjoy a 1 hour 25 minute cycling training video along the scenic country roads of Vancouver and Salt Springs Island. Watch the demonstration below!



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Cycling Training Videos – HH4 The Islands of BC


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Cycling Training Videos

This video was captured in high definition and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.

– Heart Health British Columbia, takes you on a mystical and magical journey along the rural roads of Vancouver and Salt Springs Island in British Columbia Canada. This cycling training video is a Heart Health workout designed specifically to introduce riders to the sport of cycling, or, for those athletes that need something to do on a recovery day. This workout focuses on body mechanics, technique, and efforts in zones 1,2 and 3.
Cycling through the islands just outside of Vancouver Canada, was about the most romantic adventure I’ve ever had while filming on my bike. The massive green trees, colorful flowers, thick dense forests, tall mountains all surrounded by the Pacific ocean and shrouded by the coastal clouds created a surreal yet cozy environment exclusive to this region of the world. There was an excitement to this journey as well, as we tooled our way along the narrow (and sometimes rough) Island roads making our way from Nanaimo down into Ladysmith and then to Crofton, where we caught the Ferry over to Salt Springs Island.

Our workout on this video is a little different. While maintaining the spirit of a heart healthy recovery ride, we introduce some drills, cadence, single leg, eccentric and concentric exercises along with some stretches. Then, we save the best part for last :)
I loved this ride and I hope you do too!
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The Stats

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Video Details

Length 1:25:00 Training tools available
Format NTSC DVD Heart rate no
Audio Track 1 yes Gear ratio no
Audio Track 2 yes Resistance no
Audio Track 3 yes Cadence no
Region NA Hill profile no
Aspect 16×9 Heart rate profile no
Resolution NTSC Speed no
Date created 2/17/2014 Elevation no
Produced by BtBoP GPS map no
Published by Kunaki Timer no
Copyright copyright 2012 CVO Coaching narrative yes


Workout Notes

You just started riding and all of sudden you realize that there far more to this sport than just pedalling a bike and your freaking out because you have no idea what youve just gotten yourself into.

– chainring tatoos and scars
– looking stupid
-walking like a penguin
-stupid mistakes – accidents around clips
-saddle sore, impotency, numbing
-intimidation / options
-mechanichs / bike snobs
-flat tires / mechanical issues on the road
-people faster than you / slower than you
squirrly riding
know it alls
skinny cyclists
ugly clothes
shoes / cleats
unfamiliar tools
strange noises
dont want to be hated
self image
social status
can i make it
pain / fatigue
weather surprises
skinny slick tires
tan lines
shaved legs
pot holes / road cracks / debris
“on your left!”
balance and control
natural breaks
rude drivers
market changes
training supplies


10 minutes / 30 sec intervals
1. High cadence
2. single leg
3. eccentric contraction
4. concentric
5. stretch

You Can Kill Yourself Just Getting On (if You Do it Right)

– getting on and off the bike
-stopping and getting off

Your Feet are Stuck to the Goddamned Bike

-old school cleats
-clicking in clicking out
-why platform pedals are no good
-why tennis shoes are no good
– what to do when you get stuck, or, take out the wrong foot.
-unclicking, stopping and putting feet down
-walking in cleats – what are some of the options?

Embarrassing Ass Products

– narrow hard saddles
– ass pain
– genital discomfort
– lycra shorts and chamois – why you need these
-chamois butter



The Clothes Are Designed to Make You Look Stupid

1 review for Heart Health 4 – The Islands of B.C

  1. 5 out of 5


    This is probably my favorite workout of all of the videos, but, that might change depending on my mood :)
    The workout really is different from some of the other videos. You’ll do drills like single leg, high cadence and out of the saddle. After the workout, my body always feels really good and I feel like I accomplished something good for me.
    The scenery is pretty, but, I wish it were a clearer day. The clouds mess with the video resolution in parts. Other areas are really nice.

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