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Let’s admit it, you need an escape. An escape to a far away place with salt ocean air, warm Pacific winds and shaking palm trees. Lose yourself in this 3 hour bike ride around the Northern loop of beautiful Maui Hawaii!




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This Cycling Exercise Workout DVD and downloadable video

was captured in high definition and Dolby Digital sound.

This groundbreaking workout video has been updated to the on demand dash 4.0! Enjoy a 3 hour beautiful ride along the west coast of Maui. This is a tough, fast paced ride with very few rests. The workout is tough, but, the ride is motivational with never ending views of the Pacific Ocean, volcanic peaks, palm trees, sugar cane fields and the unique quaint Hawaiian culture that you can only experience from a bike!

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Length 3:00:00 Training tools available
Format NTSC DVD or 1080p h264 Download Heart rate yes
Audio Track 1 yes Gear ratio yes
Audio Track 2 yes Resistance yes
Audio Track 3 yes Cadence yes
Region 0 Hill profile yes
Aspect 16×9 Heart rate profile yes
Resolution 480i DVD 1080i BD 1080p Download Speed yes
Date created 06/27/2017
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Workout Notes

Training to Endure – West Maui Puu Kukui Loop

Kihei – 16,749 pop
Puu Kukui Volcano – summit 5787 feet – Puʻu Kukui is one of the wettest spots on Earth
Lahaina – 11,704 pop – Lahaina was the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii from 1820 to 1845, when the capital was moved back to Honolulu. In the 19th century, Lahaina was the center of the global whaling industry, with many sailing ships anchoring at its waterfront; today pleasure craft make their home there. Lahaina’s Front Street has been ranked one of the “Top Ten Greatest Streets” by the American Planning Association.[2]
Honoapiilani Hwy
Kaanapali – west airport
Kapalua – The Plantation Course at Kapalua hosts the PGA Tour’s Hyundai Tournament of Champions every January.
Honokohau Bay
Kahakuloa Bay – village
Kahului (city)

Motivation to workout

Tired from work
aches and pains
no time
not enough sleep
* working out is proven to reduce stress
* working out will help improve your sleep
How do we stay motivated and move our bodies when life is so difficult?
Don’t take life / job too seriously – find time to laugh. Leave your work at work. Stay off facebook for a few days. The world will survive even the harshest problems and very little of what stresses you out, can you change. Read a book, sit in the hot tub. Stay away from news and media. Don’t get sucked into the endless rhetoric. Focus on yourself, your friends, your family. Turn off your phone.
know that you will feel better once you’ve done your workout
* blood and oxygen circulates through your body rejuvenating it. Endorphins race to your brain lifting your spirit. Creating ideas, positivity, motivation and desire.

Learn about what you are doing
* research your sport. What do you need to do to get better at it? What are other’s doing? Engage your mind first and your body will follow.
Spend some money on it
* Committing to the activity financially is a strong motivator to follow through. This is a short term solution though
Take care / have pride in your workout space (clean it)
* Tune your bike, clean it, re-wrap the bars – investing time and energy in your equipment will reinforce the desire to use it.
* Fix up your workout dungeon, make it a fun and pleasurable place to spend time.
Wear nice clothes appropriate for the activity
* not only does this reduce the stress on your body, it is also a uniform for your sport. Wear the uniform and you will look and feel the part. This helps to focus the mind on the activity and the goal.
Shave your legs – this routine will reinforce the importance of cycling to you. Haven’t ridden in a few weeks? Shaving your legs despite the winter doldrums will keep you looking forward to the spring and keep your brain in the game.

Get a tattoo –
* chain ring tattoo
* I heart biking
Admire your war wounds – scars (knee scar)
Create a schedule you can keep
* be realistic. How often does your schedule allow you to workout? How many sacrifices can you make to do it? Don’t demand too much time that is unrealistic, following through will be a challenge and if you fail at the follow through, chances are, you will dump the routine altogether.
reward yourself after your workout
* food / beer?
* sex?
* hot bath?
* friends?
keep a journal – what’s important? Weight? Power? Distance?
* log your activity. What did you do? How did it feel? How do you feel afterwards? Did you hit your goal? What is your goal?

Create a written contract with yourself – works even better with a partner – what is the penalty for failure?
Create a sustainable and achievable goal – health / beauty / empowerment / fun
Create shorter / easier goals
* walk, don’t run – you can run once you feel like running – working out is contagious
Build up to long term goals – weight loss, century ride, racing
Create a 2 week workout calendar and stick to it
create reminders around your home
* sticky notes
* workout clothes
* contracts
* your bike
Do it to prove everyone wrong
Create a competition – social media / groups
Make a commitment to other people
Don’t compare yourself to others (or, to your younger self)
Create positivity (no negative self talk)

Work getting you down? Too tired to workout when you get home?
* workout before work?
* lunch break workout?
* don’t go home

6 reviews for Training to Endure – North Maui Island Loop

  1. 5 out of 5


    Indoor cycling is tedious and boring. These wonderful videos are a game changer, even making indoor riding fun.
    They run for nearly four hours, and can be used a la carte. Thus, though the dashboard and pleasant patter from Paul help with workout metrics, you can also just ride along and take in the scenery–and it’s beautiful and verdant in these videos!
    The video quality is excellent on a computer, but I found the focus sharper and colors more saturated when casting to a HDTV. Moreover, though my 27″ iMac is brilliant, it’s more immersive watching on a mounted flat screen. If Paul’s instructional audio isn’t what you want, you can always turn the audio off and, if wanted, supply your own music. And, in that vein, the current dashboard is less intrusive than that previously used (and is turned on only as needed), thus enhancing the sense of being on a real ride.
    As you can see, Paul provides a wonderful vehicle for doing indoor training. Get on board!

  2. 5 out of 5


    I really enjoyed this ride. I ride on a Tacx trainer and this is a fantastic way to zone out while riding. It certainly beats watching TV. I like that fact that if I want I can change the audio track to music, coaching with music, or just silent. The coach throughout the program is not bad, and provides a good session, after the second time you’ll probably want to put on your own music and jam. The scenery in this video is excellent, and it really does seem as though I’m outdoors in Maui, but I’m stuck inside on the turbo trainer. I highly recommend this video. I think you’ll enjoy it. I did!

  3. 5 out of 5


    Wow, just wow! My legs are shaking and I can’t feel my ass, but I have just finished the greatest ride of my life.
    The North Maui Island Loop contains everything I need for an amazing workout. The scenery is fantastic and there is a lot to look at along the ride. I have a 55″ TV and sometimes I forget that I’m not actually at Maui.

    I really like to ride along with Paul. He tells me everything I need to know, both about the ride and about Maui and he pushes me to give all I’ve got all the way. It is really fun doing it even if my legs are screaming for mercy at the end of the 4 hour ride.
    He is also having a “lecture” about why it is so important to make time to workout and what to do to keep the motivation up. So, I am not only working out, I am also getting a psychology pep talk on motivation.

    The ride’s technical quality is really good and I love that the infopanel doesn’t take away so much of the view. I love that there are small glimpses of the scenery from different angles and that I am shown a little bit of the life at Maui.

    I enjoyed listening to Paul during this ride. I am really glad that I don’t have to do any talking since I don’t have any breath left after this cool and amazing ride. It is also nice to listen to the music in the background. The North Maui Island Loop is a hard and exhausting ride, but it is so worth the effort. I know I will ride it over and over again. I just love it :)

  4. 4 out of 5


    This is an excellent video to get back into the saddle after some time away. I enjoy the high resolution and additional scenic veiws having never traveled outside the lower 48. The gauges and graphed were fantastic in helping navigate the terrain and what resistance I should be spinning at.
    I tend to ride with a higher rpm than in the video and I run a different gear ratio. I’m still a little old school in lack of upgraded components and I ride rollers.
    Only issues I had with the video were the background music as it’s just not my genre and I wasn’t too keen on running of red lights but it’s nothing mute and headphones or jamming to your own tunes can’t solve as well as knowing Paul ended the ride ok!! I highly recommend this video as part of anyone’s regimined, beginner or pro!
    Thank you Paul for a great video I will watch over and over!!

  5. 5 out of 5


    It’s raining heavily today in the depths of winter, and a perfect day to skip a ride. I’m also recovering from an injury which makes the jarring of a road ride painful. What more excuses do I need to avoid exercising?

    Instead, I hop on my cycle trainer and load up Paul Gallas’ Training to Endure, North Maui Island Loop. It starts fast, and within moments the sound of the wind and the rain outside seems to die away, and I feel my body warming up to the ride. I’m transported to the tropical island of Maui, and can almost feel the warm breeze against my face. Within minutes, I’m starting to sweat, and in half an hour I’m absolutely dripping.

    The video quality is amazing, thanks to Paul’s almost magical image-smoothing process, and I found myself instinctively leaning into the turns, pushing harder on the pinch climbs, and grabbing the brakes as a car comes the other way on the narrow roads on the northern end of the island.

    It’s so easy to zone out on the cycle trainer, just plodding along at a steady pace and not really getting much of a workout, with the video a pleasant diversion like watching TV. But with Paul’s video, the on-screen dashboard gives you constant cadence and gear changes, and Paul reminds you to change gears in the commentary, so I found myself automatically sticking to the workout. Even when I was getting tired, I could still change gears and push my leg speed up when I had to.

    I must say that the cadence and gear changes are really well thought out. I don’t know how Paul does it, but I just found myself automatically achieving the right cadence after a gear change — there were times I had to push, but at other times (like cresting over a hill), I would change gears and my legs would just find the right cadence.

    I also really enjoyed the commentary on this video. Paul’s commentary is like having an experienced cycling friend join you on a ride, cajoling and encouraging you every step (or rather, every pedal-stroke) of the way. The suggestions and tips he gives is so inspiring, I found I was thinking about what he’d said hours later — and his words motivated me to get on the bike and do another session the next day.

    I must confess that I wasn’t fit enough to do the almost four-hour ride in one go, so I split my workout over four days. But the video is designed for this, being split into four sections that you can do one at a time, like I did, or you can combine them for longer 2, 3 or 4 hour workouts.

    Another thing I’ve discovered is that I can use the resistance setting on my cycle trainer to control how hard I work overall during a workout. The cadence and gear changes give you moment-by-moment changes in effort, but by dialling the resistance up or down before the workout starts, I can change from having a relatively easy workout to having an incredibly hard one. So if I wanted to have a slightly easier ride, I would set the resistance of my trainer to 1, but if I wanted to really bust a gut, I would set it to 3. I haven’t dared try setting it higher yet (my trainer’s resistance goes up to 10!), but I know I could as my body gets fitter.

    The great thing is that this video isn’t just something you use once and then put away — you could work your way through this video every week and never get bored. The experience of watching the video while exercising, paying constant attention to the gear and cadence changes, and listening to Paul’s entertaining and inspiring commentary, as well as the enjoyable music, completely transports you into this virtual workout. The experience is utterly absorbing, and you’re so focussed on the ride that you soon forget that you’re at home sitting on a cycle trainer riding your heart out.

    I have watched several of Paul’s videos over the years, and it’s impressive to see how he’s constantly improving. Every aspect of this video just oozes quality, from the on-screen dashboard (smaller and clearer than in earlier videos) to the quality of the video itself, to the great explanation of how to follow the workout, as well as the entertaining and enjoyable commentary and Paul’s great ability to act as a virtual coach. You just can’t fault it.

    If I had to find something to criticise about this video, it’s the fact that the ride is broken into four sections, but the video is only in two parts. That means there are two sections per video — the on-screen dashboard only shows each one-hour section, and as I used the video for the first time I found the on-screen dash getting near the end of the ride, but the video said I still had over an hour to go. I found this a bit confusing, but as soon as the video went into the next section it all became clear.

    This is a very minor complaint, though, and I’m not sure how else Paul could have organised the video. It was only confusing for the first ride, and I just went with it. After an hour, it was all perfectly obvious, and I don’t think there’s anything he needs to change.

    Overall, I highly recommend Paul’s Maui North Island Loop as a training video for any cyclist who wants to be able to train at home when the weather is bad. With a video like this, you have no excuse not to train no matter what the weather is like, and there’s no limit to how often you use the video, or how hard a workout you can get. Of course, you might want to get two or three of Paul’s videos so you can mix them up a but, but this video by itself will give you everything you need to train at home. Go for it!

  6. 5 out of 5


    Paul Gallas does it again! I have finished the 4 hour North Maui Island Loop workout, and highly recommend it.

    In case you’re new to the CVO workouts, Paul mixes incredible scenery plus a dashboard of critical data to recreate some of the most beautiful and challenging rides in the country. Add to the mix his technical mind, cycling experience, and motivational skills and you have the perfect companion for training indoors.

    CVO has a wide variety of workouts. So if you’re working on endurance, climbing, power, intervals, or anaerobic threshold, CVO has a video for you.

    The North Maui Island Loop video contains several of those workouts in one package, especially endurance, climbing, and interval training. The scenery is so realistic that you think you’re actually there. My first thought was, “I need to go to Maui and take my bike.” Then I realized I could enjoy the very same workout without having to worry about airfare, time away from work, and shipping a bike.

    One of my favorite parts of the video was Paul’s commentary about motivation. I confess I was just about to quit, and then Paul started talking about sticking with it as if he knew what I was about to do. I stuck it out and am glad I did.

    Another favorite aspect is the very helpful dashboard. Whether you have a road bike set on a trainer, or an exercise bike, there is a scale to help you recreate the workout. There are meters for resistance, perceived exertion, cadence, % of maximum heart rate, hill profiles, as well as the actual gearing for road bikes.

    Last but not least, Paul is a great coach. Whether it is advice for the beginner on how and when to shift, or scientific research on training zones and VO2 max, Paul will bring you up to speed. If you’re like me and are 1) time crunched and 2) in a location which does not have safe roads, you should try out a CVO video like the North Maui Island Loop.

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