Heart Health: Autumn Trails Through Denver, Colorado

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Isn’t it time that your workout be a pleasant one?
Autumn trails through Denver Colorado, is a beautiful gentle ride along the scenic cherry creek trail. Hop on your bike and take it easy and take time to admire the autumn colors, the mountains on the horizon, and crystal blue lakes.

There are no workout overlays, timers, or hill profiles to distract you from the views. However, the audio instruction throughout this video provides encouragement and direction, keeping you company along this one hour 34 minute ride. This is a stress free ride designed to keep you active on a recovery day or get you started along your journey towards being an active cyclist.




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Workout Notes

Heart Health

hh_workout1I was approached by an advisor to come up with a vision statement for my company.
Hmmm… what is my vision?

To make great videos?
To encourage health and fitness?
To spread the joy of cycling?

None of these really seemed to target the vision of Cycling Videos Online.
Then, I recalled a conversation I had with a client.
I was contacted because he needed to lose weight on the advice of his doctor. He purchased a spin bike and was exercising 60 minutes a day, but, wasn’t getting the results he wanted. I made the assumption that he was stepping on a scale each day and stepping off shaking his head.
1. stepping on the scale everyday and monitoring your weight is like watching water boil. Instead, do this once per month.
2. Weight loss is a side effect of cycling. Have fun first and feel good first.
3. Weight loss will only occur after you become proficient with the activity. When you get stronger, you will begin to burn fat.
4. Burning fat takes a long time. Fat is an efficient means of storing energy and works like a Duraflame log. A little bit burns a long time. Hence, you need to stay active for a long time to burn fat. 60 minutes on a trainer and the rest of the day in front of the TV will not accomplish rapid weight loss. I suggest 1.5 hours on a trainer, or longer, 3 times a week and 30 minutes per day (minimum) with light activity – walking. Of course, the more hours per day that you remain active, the more fat will be burned. 1.5 hours in the morning and 1.5 hours in the evening is a great way to accomplish this.
5. If your workout is boring, losing weight is a losing battle. Doing one thing every day gets old no matter how good the video is.

From this, vision statement simply is to promote a healthy active lifestyle and making it fun by encouraging the sport of cycling.
Cycling changed my life, not once but twice.
1-depression – In HS
– parents divorcing
– awkward hs years
picked on, bullied
2- after 10 years lifting, gained weight, mid life
– had son
– trailer
– group rides
– rediscovered the passion.
Cycling quickly evolves from a simple activity to a way of life.
Once the sport has consumed you, you will begin seeing changes in everything about you
– new outlook on life
– new outlook on your community
– new reflection in the mirror
– rapid weight loss
– decreased blood pressure
– lower resting heart rate
– more energy
– better sleep
– better sex
– stronger
– improved posture
– Clarity of thought / more decisive
– more patience
– and the list goes on

Riding your trainer indoors 30 minutes a day won’t do diddly. The physical activity is only a small portion of what needs to be done to help improve your health. It begins with the way that you think and how you approach the activity.
The cyclists uniform
uniform for work vs bike gear

Bike (check!)
Cycling shoes (Check!)
Lycra (Check!)
Gloves (check!)
Heart rate monitor (check!)
Helmet – if you’re riding outdoors
Prepare for the workout:
– consult with Dr.
– plan your days / weeks
– hours riding, type of workout
– begin easy – don’t burn out, stay motivated, keep each workout fresh and dynamic, don’t do the same thing every day
30 mins a day, 5 days a week of doing something active
– bike
– walk
– shop
– clean
– swim
– hike
– repairs

Learn your body
what is heart rate
what is max hr?
how do i find max?
what are zones?

Becoming proficient
you can’t lose weight skating until you learn how to skate
the more proficient, the more effective the training is and the more demands you can put on yourself.
Bike body interface
bike comfort
– clothing
– bike fit
– chaffing
– cramping
– fatigue
– soreness
– cycling hot vs cold
– flexibility
– diet / hydration
– ride preparation
– mind set – anxiety, nervousness, confidence (can I finish this ride?)
– balance – bike handling
– water
– clothes
– tubes
– pumps
– tools
– cell phone
– wallet
– endurance
– strength
– anaerobic (VO2max)
– weight
– heart health (recovery)
Rules of the road
– hand signals – riding one handed
– riding in traffic
– riding in groups
* group etiquette
– finding bike friendly routes
– safety
– go or no go
– bike inspection
– road debris
– traffic
– weather appropriate clothing
– riding within your limits
– heat exhaustion – hyperthermia
– dehydration
– hypothermia
– Skin care
Mechanical knowledge – nothing will end a ride faster than if something goes wrong with the bike
– changing tires / tubes
– chain
– temporary tire fix (boot)
– cleat malfunction
– cable adjustments
– tune ups
– overhauls

Remember – it doesn’t get any easier, you just go faster _Greg Lemond

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    Just starting to try this “cycling thing” out? An avid cyclist who lives in a cold weather climate and is looking for some beautiful scenery to ride to over the long, cold winter? This is a great video for both the beginner and the seasoned veteran. It is simply a scenic, recovery ride in Colorado, with great commentary and cycling tips from Paul Gallas. For those who tend to lay the hammer down all the time and are looking for a great recovery ride video, this is the one for you!

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