Indoor Cycling Workout Videos - Muscle Breakdown The Gran Fondo Moab

Muscle Breakdown! Gran Fondo, Moab Utah

Living in Colorado has its perks. This is the Hollywood of cycling! I was sitting on pins and needles over the last few weeks as I was lining up an opportunity to work with the great up-and-comer of professional cycling, Danny Summerhill.
Well, guess what?
Danny joins Cycling Videos Online to add his insights, wisdom and adventures as a pro cyclist in the newest release, “Muscle Breakdown, The Gran Fondo Moab, Utah!”

With his teammates, Christian Vande Velde and Dave Zabriske, Danny raced against the elite of the elite:

Andy Schleck
Levi Leiphiemer
Cadel Evans
TeJay VanGarderen
George Hincapie and more
During the 2011 Tour of Utah and the 2011 USA Pro Cycling Challenge. Danny helped team Garmin-Cervelo to the overall best team at the USA Pro and helped catapult Christian Vande Velde to a second place finish overall. Danny took a 4th place finish at the closing stage in Denver Colorado and went over Independence Pass, stage 2 (12,095ft) ahead of Andy Schleck! Danny is a young rider, so, no doubt we’ll be seeing more of him to come.
Muscle Breakdown, Gran Fondo, Moab Utah has it all:

Brutal efforts
pelotons and pacelines
and truly magnificent scenery
Hosted by the world famous Poison Spider Bicycles in Moab Utah, this 4 hour adventure tours the stunning canyon lands of Moab in an exciting race paced bike ride. Danny joins us in adding an exclusive workout interview that we recorded while on our trainers for 3.5 hours. It was snowing outside, but, we were dripping with sweat on the inside. With Danny looking over my shoulder and at my Power Tap, I worked so hard, I had to fight off the cramps! I guess this is what I get for riding alongside with a pro :)
This ride will beat you up; but, I guarantee that you will want to finish the entire tour in one sitting; it’s that much fun!





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Workout Notes

Danny Summerhill
(Fran- Mom)
The workout begins in Downtown Moab and the ride is slow for about 10min (warm-up) will use the opportunity to dial in the viewer to the training dash (quickly) Before the ride kicks in I want to introduce you.
Introduce yourself
Danny Summerhill
age, pro cyclist, team Garmin etc
Danny’s going to be riding with us and bustin’ butt during this 1st hour. Get ready for high intensities, fast cadences, bursts of power / accelerations.
The group up front wants to thin the field, we want to stay in the fray, we’re going to pay for it!
For the first hour I’ll be verbally cuing the changes in intensity and really focusing on the workout. I won’t be interviewing. Danny will follow the changes as best as possible (it’s up to you how hard you want to go).
As we’re hanging with the field feel free to comment on what you’re seeing. If this were a race, how would you be proceeding? Strategizing? How do you conserve power when it’s do or fall off? What might this ride remind you of? Stuff like that.
After about 1hr, the group turns and we begin our climb. We let the group go and attempt to find a rhythm (I’m no climber). Once we settle into a pace, the effort, cadence and resistance does not change too much and we can begin our conversation.
Begin with information about you
– When did you start cycling?
– what motivated you to ride? who were your influences? how did your mom contribute? (gotta give her props)
– How did you get into pro cycling? What is your biggest accomplishment racing pro? What are your goals for the future?
Career Highlights:

seven-time national champion, road and cyclocross
2007 Junior World Cyclo-cross Championships, silver
2010 Tour of China, overall – 3rd
Junior world road race championships – 9th
-What was it like when you transitioned between amateur and pro? Caliber of competition?
– We have to talk a little about the USA Pro Challenge.
During stage two of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge Danny Summerhill couldn’t believe it when he went over the top of 12,095-foot high Independence pass ahead of Andy Schleck. “I was pleased that I made it with the big guys,” Summerhill recalls. Though 22-year old Summerhill grew up in and lives in Denver and has […]

– What are the advantages / disadvantages to being pro? How do you deal with the pressure? Highs and lows?
– How do you structure your training?
-How many days/ week do you strength train? Are these your fav or least fav days? :)
Principles of building muscle
what is muscle?
skeletal muscle vs smooth vs cardiac
lean muscle growth – skeletal
fast twitch vs slow twitch
why important to strengthen?
what is the physiological process? what is happening? why / how does muscle actually increase in size / power?

What do we need to do to promote muscle growth?
– what type of exercises
what is lactic acid?
how does the body process lactic acid?
lactose vs lactic
what is atp?
why does body create atp?
what is “the burn”?
how do we flush LA?
What is Anaerobic Threshold / VO2max / lactic workout, and why is important to train at these levels?

What type exercise?
what type resistance
How should exercises vary from activity? IE: cycling vs weight training – xtraining
Hill repeats
big gears / mashing vs spinning
What is the body core? Why so important to strengthen the core? What are core exercises?
How does exercise effect metabolism? What is resting metabolism?

– Diet
Why is diet important for muscle growth?
what type of diet?
protein vs carbs vs fats
organic vs non organic
what supplements are important?
dietary restrictions. Who should count calories and who shouldn’t
the importance of fat in the diet for muscle growth
how does diet effect metabolism?
State of Mind
why is building muscle so painful? How do we mentally prepare for it?
Overcoming pain threshold
What is a breakthrough workout?
what is a stair step workout?
Importance of organizing goals
Endurance sports recognition – mainstreaming
PE in schools
PE at homes – how do we promote
importance of endurance sport


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