muscle breakdown concussive intervals

Muscle Breakdown! Concussive Intervals

Blast your legs in this race paced indoor bike workout along scenic Highway 1 in Northern California. You’ll need to stay on your toes to keep up with the surges. Lots of high efforts, big gears, mashing and sprinting just to stay on a wheel Don’t lose it!




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This Indoor Bike Workout DVD and downloadable video

was captured in high definition and Dolby Digital sound.

This 3 part workout collection is regulated by sports science technology. Measurable improvements in your speed, power and conditioning will be observable. This workout removes the guessing and introduces positive, definitive, measurable change!

Part 1

Training with power is no longer intimidating or expensive. Power is such a fundamental part of cycling training that it is now considered an essential component of your arsenal. This video provides a easy to understand tutorial on how to implement power into your workout routine.

Part 2
Part II – Field Test Stage!   Before we can do an effective interval workout, we need to know some things about our capacity. We need to find a number of variables that will allow us to most effectively train. Effective training is not about throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks. No. Effective training is about understanding your limits and learning how to train within them.

Part 3

Power Stage! Harness your will, strength, motivation and discipline for this stage. This is the workout that will tame all of your other workouts. This workout is scientifically designed to change your body and mind. Speed comes at a price, that price is pure annihilation. Remember, this workout is only as hard as you choose to make it. Dig deep, work hard, and you will make gains that you never knew were possible.

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Video Details

Length 2:08:00 Training tools available
Format NTSC DVD or Blu-Ray or 720p h264 Download Heart rate yes
Audio Track 1 yes Gear ratio yes
Audio Track 2 yes Resistance yes
Audio Track 3 yes Cadence yes
Region 0 Hill profile no
Aspect 16×9 Heart rate profile yes
Resolution 480i DVD 1080i BD Speed yes
Date created 12/25/2015
Elevation yes
Produced by BtBoP Power yes
Published by ODW Timer no
Copyright copyright 2016 ODW Coaching narrative yes

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Alaska, British Columbia, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah

Workout Type

Interval, Power and Muscle

Workout Notes

Field test
to provide a baseline measurement of performance
Allows user to understand their personal performance limitations
maximize workouts for targeted performance goals
* weight loss
* speed
*power / strength
provides a baseline analysis that can be re-tested for noticeable changes in performance.
Specific performance limits addressed:
Max heart rate / max power
power at lactic threshold
heart rate at lactic threshold
Power curve
Recovery performance – how quickly does the heart rate recover?
RPE – (Rated Perceived Exertion) evaluation
Lactic Threshold – The lactate threshold (LT) or lactate inflection point (LIP), is the exercise intensity at which the blood concentration of lactate and/orlactic acid begins to exponentially increase.

Bike Trainer vs Road Ride
Trainer can be used to minimize power fluctuation providing an easier means to calculate LTmax and LTavg. Constant resistance and cadence allows you to focus more on power and heart rate. And, provides an easy way to determine changes in your performance. IE – did I need to increase cadence in order to maintain RPE and / or heart rate from a previous trial?

10 minute warm up
1 minute build up to LT effort
cadence 100RPM
6.5 minute sustain LT effort
cadence 100RPM
30 second max effort
max cadence
Evaluate performance
Requires software that will allow you to see your performance
a. power
b. heart rate
c. cadence
max power
average power at LT
max heart rate
average heart rate at LT
max cadence
Did my power drop over the 6 minutes?
yes = begin at a lower power setting (lower cadence or lower gear)
No = Did I feel strong enough to go faster? Did my sprint effort result in power 25% more than my LT performance?
yes = begin at a higher power setting (bigger gear / more resistance or higher cadence)
no = sounds like you are on target
Repeat field test and re-evaluate
heart rate monitor
– max heart rate (from sprint effort)
– heart rate at LT (average heart rate over the LT interval)
– heart rate at LTmax – max heart rate over the LT interval

power meter
– max power – max sprint power
-Power at LT – avg power over the LT interval
-Power at LT max (should be the same as average if you didn’t change cadence or resistance)

What to use as performance maximums? – max power and heart rate at LT (not sprint)
why? Because after LT maximums, failure will result.
RPE 10 = Power at LTmax (or avg)

After field test, plug in values to your heart rate and power meter and let’s do some intervals!

Cascade Fluid Pro Power Review:
Smooth, quiet
I love the heavy flywheel – accelerations feel very authentic.
Deceleration feel very accurate too – low to no loss in momentum
The power curve is wonderful
No – minimal resistance loss due to heat build up
Setup was easy
Bike feels solid on the trainer
Data on screen is accurate – power / heart
Screen is easy to read
Computer provides intuitive current / avg / max speed / power and heart rate
Lots of good bang for the buck – compares with trainers that are much higher in price
Included accessories:
– front wheel rise
– Cadence sensor
– Computer
– mounting materials

* cannot display heart rate, cadence or power on ant+ devices – only on supplied the computer
Computer has no data ports – can’t evaluate workout data
Computer has little flexibility to create personalized fields / data – exp: missing %max heart rate, threshold power values
Trainer legs have no lock position (flop around during setup)
Trainer battery is difficult to access
Computer has no power off button


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