Rising Above Expectation. Climbing the Santa Ynez Mountains. Santa Barbara, California

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This ride through the Santa Ynez mountains starts pleasantly enough, rolling along the coastal trail, into Downtown, through Santa Barbara’s neighborhoods and picturesque Spanish churches, but upon hitting Mission Ridge Road, you’ll begin your grueling ascent up Rattlesnake Canyon along Gibraltar Road…

Aside from being steep and twisted, with an average grade of 8% climbing almost 1220 meters, Gibraltar Road is bumpy, beaten, and narrow, not to mention stop signs that yield to falling rocks.
Once summiting, the road follows the summit ridge with ocean views to the West (obscured by a layer of clouds) and deep valleys that cut into the high ranges to the East.
Disk 1, ends at the false summit (Camino Cielo Rd) at 1 hr 45 minutes into the ride. Disk 2 picks up and finishes the climb up to the Summit of La Cumbre Peak at a final elevation of 3800 feet. The work is not over. The descent is fun, twisty and windy, but, with a few more climbs. We’ll finally end the ride at CA 154 in the Los Padres National Forest. You’re in for one heck of an adventure a demanding workout and an experience that rises above expectation!




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Workout Notes

I’m fortunate to have along as a guest today, Fran. Fran is an active cyclist and works in the cycling industry.

I sent out several requests for help with this training narrative and was surprised by the number of great people who wanted to help with this project. I had spin instructors, cycling coaches and other avid cyclists apply to help.
Fran and I had a lengthy conversation about her experiences about cycling and about life and I found myself completely engaged in conversation. We only had a short time to talk, but, I wanted our conversation to continue. Fran has a lot to offer to this narrative as she has herself risen above expectations and rose above several very challenging hurdles.
Cycling is as much a mental sport as it is a physical one and once you push yourself beyond what you expect of yourself, you feel like you can accomplish anything.
So, Fran
why did you decide to help out with this project?

Lets hit some basics, where are you from?
when did you begin cycling?
what do you excel at? (climbing)
what do you do for work? Tell me more about Smart Etailing. What do they do?

You have a very active lifestyle, you enjoy cycling, Nordic Skiing, Running, Skate skiing, and you’re a triathelete, you look rock hard and you have the spirit of a 20 year old, and you’re doing all this at what age?
how does your age and gender play a role in the sport of cycling for you?
Don’t you also race in the Masters Cat?
Tell me about some of your races.
What was your biggest ride?
What do you see on the horizon that you want to accomplish?

Your son races for Team Garmin?
Tell me a little about him
Did you start him out on the bike?

You began cycling in England?

Fran is a breast cancer survivor.
when was this first diagnosed?
how far did the disease go? How much damage?
what is risk of reoccurrence?
what lead to the development?
How did you discover it?
How was it treated?
How did this experience change you?

some people have a gift for it and a love of it, Fran is another cyclist who just wants to go up hills, she’s ridden the Den to Aspen ride, done the tour of CO and the triple bypass to name a few. Why mountains? Why do you enjoy climbing?
what do you do to prepare for a big climb? Training
– physical
– diet
When you’re leaving Denver at 5300′ and you know that you have 9000 feet of vertical in front of you, what is going on in your head?
What physical elements during the climb hinder you the most (aerobic / strength / cramps)
how do you deal with it?
During the ascent, what do you feel is the most important technique to use?
What tools, if any, do you use to help with the climb?
On the way up over Loveland pass during the triple, cyclists were scattered along the road, broken and dejected. Some were in tears . The thought of quitting and heading back was on my mind too. I’m sure you have had moments where you thought “enough is enough.” What did you do to overcome quitting? How do you deal with the impulse to stop?

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    I love this dvd I am instantly engaged by the scenery and ever acellerating heart rate.

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