Training to Win! From Reno to Verdi

Ride along the scenic desert roads of Nevada and to the base of the high Sierras, California, in this amazing ride. Train alongside the Procrastinating Pedalers as we work in pacelines, sprint to hilltops and hammer into the dry winds of Verdi. Cover attacks, stay on a wheel and prepare for high red zone efforts.
The Pedalers is a diverse group of cyclists containing a variety of abilities. Each ride is unpredictable and varies in difficulty based on who’s in the group. We may be hanging on for dear life or leading the pack, you just never know. During this first stretch, we’ll be warming up and preparing for higher intensities. As the ride progresses, you must focus on the ride intensity via cadence and gear ratio closely as these rapidly change without warning.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of video time, this video ends too soon. The finish during this ride was a bit irregular anyway. Usually, this ride ends with a sprint finish, however, today, was different. As we were gearing up and getting ready to race for the line, a truck passes. I cheated, caught up to the truck and drafted it to the end. So, that’s what you missed. Someday I’ll return to Reno and finish this ride proper. Thanks for riding with me!




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Length 1.5 hrs Training tools available
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Audio Track 2 yes Resistance yes
Audio Track 3 yes Cadence yes
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Aspect 4×3 Heart rate profile yes
Resolution NTSC Speed yes
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