Extreme Calorie Burner Road to Hanah Maui

XTreme Calorie Burner Road to Hanah Maui

5 out of 5 based on 6 customer ratings
(6 customer reviews)

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This is an exciting bipolar workout (easy and painfully difficult) along Hiway 360 on the South Maui coast. The Road to Hana winds its way through dense trees and amazing rainforest vegetation, passes numerous banana stands, steep hairpin corners, narrow roads and Pacific views. Don't miss this amazing ride!
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Free 25 minute workout demonstration. XCB4 Road to Hana Maui


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Video Details

Length 2 hours 08 minutes Training tools available
Format NTSC DVD / BD Heart rate yes
Audio Track 1 yes Gear ratio yes
Audio Track 2 yes Resistance yes
Audio Track 3 yes Cadence yes
Region 0 Hill profile yes
Aspect 16×9 Heart rate profile yes
Resolution NTSC / HD Speed yes
Date created Dec 08 2014 Elevation yes
Produced by BtBoP GPS map yes
Published by Kunaki / Duplication on Demand Timer no
Copyright copyright 2014 CVO Coaching narrative yes


6 reviews for XTreme Calorie Burner Road to Hanah Maui

  1. 5 out of 5


    This is a great DVD. I have never cycled on the Road to Hanah but have driven it. The road is beautiful and very very twisty! This video is fantatic. The ride is beutiful and the two parts are perfect. Part 1 is a great ride, pretty easy pace and Part 2 really picks up the pace. I usually do each part sepertately based on the type of ride I feel like…or do both for a great warm up and then power home! I have several of the CVO videos and this is one of my favorites so far.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I really liked this video. I have never been to the Hawaiian Islands and it was interesting to see a part of Maui. If you are buying this video to see major ocean views, there is not a lot you can see. It is not anyone’s fault except the state of Hawaii for not cutting down trees on the ocean side. That being said, the roads are very interesting with the rock walls on one side which are great to look at. There are plenty of curves and scenic views of foliage to make the ride interesting. My favorite part of the video is when Paul starts narrating the last part of the ride and coaches you to hammer it down. You will be sweating!

  3. 5 out of 5


    Road to Hana, Parts I and II.

    Wanna go to Hawaii, but haven’t got the time or money? Try this ride, as it gives a great feel for a place I’ve been to. And, it provides a warm getaway from the frigid temps outside.

    Paul begins with the usual aerial of the route, giving you a nice sense of excitement and involvement as you commence the ride. It’s comparatively gentle on the way out, with some nice short, steep climbs. The road is very twisty, and you ride through a canopy of greenery, with some open views here and there. It’s lovely and sun-drenched, but you do feel contained within this twisty road. But, the objective is, after all, the “ride.”

    At about minute 16, the “dashboard” kicks in and Paul explains the metrics for the workout. He’s sensible and realistic, as he explains how to ride this in pieces, should you wish, though he does it in a single take and, indeed, did the return quicker than the ride out. As you proceed, you get a nice feel for things local in Maui, adding to the sense of being there.

    The ride back (hour 2, roughly) is, in Paul’s words a “bun buster.” All told, you ascend roughly 8,800 feet in about 29 miles of riding. And, although Paul advises against unhealthy habits throughout, you’ve earned yourself a long, cold one by that point. Enjoy!

  4. 5 out of 5


    My legs hurt, I have no breath left and my ass is dead, but I have just finished another amazing ride on my indoor spinning bike.

    The XCB Road to Hana Maui is a great 2 hour ride with a fantastic scenery. The road is narrow and some places are bumpy, cars are passing by close and there are lots and lots of trees on both sides of the road.
    The first hour of this ride is quite nice and easy, and I love the little detour Paul takes into a wonderful park along the way.
    The second hour is harder with a lot of climbing and change of resistance. It is a real challenge to keep up with Paul during this hour, but he motivates me to push hard all the way to the end.

    When it comes to the technical aspect of the ride, this one is well done. The infopanel on the screen gives me all the information I need along the way and that, together with Paul talking about some interesting topics, makes the XCB Road to Hana Maui a really great workout.

    When my legs stop shaking and my ass is revived I will do this ride again, there is no doubt about that. I love it!

  5. 5 out of 5


    I really enjoyed this two-hour workout video through the beautiful forests and coastal roads of Maui. It starts with a long easy warmup with no on-screen dashboard so you can just get your legs moving and enjoy the scenery. Then when the dashboard pops up Paul describes how to use it and guides you through the gear changes, before launching into a fascinating discussion of diabetes and how it can be controlled through exercise.

    I’m not a diabetic, but I still found the discussion very interesting — and very relevant to me personally. Understanding how harder and easier workouts affect the body and how your body controls blood-sugar levels while exercising is vital information to anyone who has ever “bonked” on a ride or even just had trouble maintaining their weight. Paul’s discussion is wide-ranging and includes things such as a fascinating range of diet tips that apply to everyone, how to plan your workouts, how to get started and then build up to a more disciplined and harder exercise regime, how to stay motivated, and even what sort of coffee is best for you to drink from a health and exercise perspective. All the while, you’re working out and learning at the same time, and the ride gets a bump up in intensity at the halfway point so it’s not just an easy cruise — reinforcing the importance of both harder and easier rides to improve your health.

    The video quality is excellent, and I found myself naturally leaning into the curves and grabbing my brakes when a car stopped suddenly in front of the camera. The Maui scenery also helped to make the ride a lot more enjoyable.

    The only thing I did find a bit disconcerting was that the cadence did seem to jump around a bit, which made following it a bit tricky in places. Most of the time it made sense, but at one point it jumped from about 80 to 147 for several seconds, before dropping to zero. My legs just won’t turn that fast, and I just had to do the best I could. I wonder if some sort of smoothing out of the stranger cadence values would be helpful.

    Despite this one drawback, this video is an excellent choice for those just starting out with exercise workouts, as everything is explained but it doesn’t stay easy, and becomes a real sweat-fest at the end. The final 15 minutes are amazing, where Paul has finished his talk about diabetes and concentrates on guiding you through a series of high-intensity, high-cadence intervals. He talks you through the fast-moving cadence and gear changes, tells you how to lean into the corners and how to get your cadence back up again quickly. He also talks about how to maintain a good posture on the bike, which is important when you get tired.

    I did find myself occasionally changing the wrong gear and having to play catch-up, but having this guide through the high-intensity finale helps you to understand how to follow along with the faster and more intense workouts, and having Paul ride alongside you in the video is very motivating…if he can do it, so can you.

    Overall, this is an excellent video, and one that I will be returning to many times. Highly recommended.

  6. 5 out of 5


    This is another excellent offering from Cycling Videos Online (CVO). This is the XCB Road to Hana (Maui). It is actually two workouts in one package. Part one is the ride out, which is a recovery ride aimed at burning fat and losing weight. Part two is the ride back, which is much more intense… basically an interval workout on one of the most beautiful places on earth. You can do them in one sitting (2 hours), or space them out over a couple of days.

    As with all the CVO videos, the unique aspect is the dashboard which instructs you how much exertion you should be expending. You can replicate the actual workout whether you have a road bike on a trainer, or an exercise bike. The dashboard covers the necessary elements like heart rate %, perceived exertion, cadence, and the actual gearing if you are on a road bike.

    Paul Gallas is your host for the ride. There are several audio options, so you can hear his commentary, or just the music, or only the actual sounds from the ride. He combines his science expertise (he is a science teacher) with his experience as an endurance cyclist to assist you along the way.

    Paul coaches you on each video. On some it is related to motivation, on others he talks about the technical aspects of cycling. His discussion on this video covers Diabetes and how to manage it. That is a good thing to be familiar with since so many keys to managing Diabetes are also healthy habits for cyclists.

    The nutrition pointers are particularly helpful. Paul gives special thanks to Stoney Eskew at the beginning of the video. She is a nutritionist and specialist in metabolic training, and probably provided some of the technical information he talks about throughout the video.

    The quality of the audio and video are great. There are even water bottles that pop up to remind you when to replenish your fluids. You feel like you’re right there on the ride with a coach. There is a demo for this ride… check it out and see why I like it so much.

    I have several CVO videos, and this is one of my favorites. It is technically in the “Extreme Calorie Burner” series, but it could also be in the “Anaerobic” group because of what you experience on the ride back. I highly recommend this video!

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