Hi, my name is Paul, founder and owner of Cycling Videos Online. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and learn about my company.

Cycling Videos online was developed in 2007 as a means to make indoor cycling fun and motivational. Disappointed by the Spinning workouts available, I (BtBoP) wanted to create a virtual ride experience that would not only provide scenic video, but, an interactive workout that would allow the viewer to recreate the bike ride as it was ridden. In other words, if you watch the video and utilize the interactive training utility tools, the ride efforts will be duplicated exactly as they were during the filming of that particular ride. Hence, the harder I work, the harder you work.

Cycling videos Online uses state of the art filming techniques to bring you amazingly realistic video that will submerse you into the ride. Our forward facing camera is a completely unique way of filming rides that does not utilize helmet cams or GoPro's. We do not film from cars. All videos are filmed from a bicycle, so, the realism of the ride is completely translated into the video. Users have been known to tip their trainer while using body-english to lean into a corner that wasn't really there! Our newest videos are filmed in high definition and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. You'll forget that you're riding your bike indoors!

See for yourself!

about2 In addition to realistic video, surround sound and our exclusive interactive utility, most of our videos provide a professional training narrative to help you to focus on the goals of the workout. Our instructors take advantage of the workout utility tools by allowing you to focus on the tool while they are free to talk about other methods to train, diet, race etcetera. We felt that it would be redundant to tell you how hard to work or "feel the burn!" because the tools to guide your efforts will already be on display. Unlike other video workouts with instruction, our instructors are free to talk about their personal experiences, best techniques for weight loss, motivational techniques, dieting and nutrition techniques and the list of helpful training, racing, spinning and fitness advice goes on and on.

BtBoP Productions evolved after our videos started selling in the main stream market. What was once a hobby, turned into a full time business involving multiple companies and multiple sales outlets. "BtBoP" was something that I displayed on my early works to provide anonymity to my name, Paul Gallas,, and simply means, Behind the Bars of Paul ;)

Thank you again for visiting. Have a great day and an amazing workout!

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