How should my training strategy change with the change of seasons?

Hope you’re geared up and ready to go this summer, I know I am. The question I was asked recently is, “How should my training strategy change […]

F****** Winds!

This has been a really windy spring. I’ve received emails from California to Virginia asking how to deal with it. Wind moves as if alive. It swirls, […]
endurance workout videos

Endurance Training

You never know what a bike ride is going to throw at you. You might roll out the door with the best intentions to use the […]

Evolution of CVO

Oct 2008 – Created my first DVD with adhesive label and sold on Ebay for $5 woo hoo!: Reno to Verdi ride Simple dash with heart […]

Sore Legs?

Above: Kinesiotaping is a very effective method to help reduce muscle pain and soreness. It’s also an effective means to reduce inflammation in muscles and joints. […]