How should my training strategy change with the change of seasons?

Hope you’re geared up and ready to go this summer, I know I am. The question I was asked recently is, “How should my training strategy change […]

F****** Winds!

This has been a really windy spring. I’ve received emails from California to Virginia asking how to deal with it. Wind moves as if alive. It swirls, […]

Beat the Heat and train indoors! Don’t be so macho, there is a limit

Hello! Here in Denver we have been dealing with 95-100 degree heat on a daily basis. Quite honestly, I cannot get in the intensity of workout […]
Road accident. Car and bicycle

Your #1 Responsibility is to Protect Your Life.

Your #1 Responsibility is to Protect Your Life and be Safe Tweet   stay safe out there! 1. As a cyclist your #1 responsibility is to […]

Out of Control Front Wheel Oscillation (Death Wobble)

You’re descending at 60mph and your front wheel begins the death wobble. How do you stop? Watch the video below. Tweet   Uncontrollable Handlebar Wobble How […]