Oct 2008 – Created my first DVD with adhesive label and sold on Ebay for $5 woo hoo!:
Reno to Verdi ride
Simple dash with heart rate, gear ratio, gps
Music / natural sounds of the ride

August 2009 – published my first DVD title (Laying Down the Hammer)
Same dash same features

Nov 2009 – Added Cadence value (Anaerobic II)

Feb 2010 – Created the first 100 mile collection (ERocks Rocks!)
First instructional audio track
added resistance value below gear ratio
Simplified the dashboard

April 2010 – Created the 2nd Generation Dash (TTE4 Marin Backroads)
Easier to read layout
Effort and hill profile time line
Speed, elevation, distance in metric and US, plus hill grade
Clearer picture

Sept 2010 – First utilization of multiple camera angles (Anaerobic 3.5)
Crisper higher contrast image

Dec 2010 – First co-operative narrative (Tour de Steamboat)
New camera, better picture, better sound

October 2011 – First HD / Blu-Ray video! (XCB3 Road to Victory)
New HD cam plus 3 additional cams for mult views
3rd generation dash which includes power data
Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound audio

November 2011 – first hired professional bike racer, Danny Summerhill (MB4 Gran Fondo Moab) to contribute to the training narrative.

Feb 1st 2012 –  – Anaerobic 4, Through the Forest and Over the Hump, Vancouver Island B.C.

First out of the USA video, plus
Updated dash:
Easier to read gear ratio
Audible clicks for each suggested gear change
Calibrated gear ratio and cadence with power data to dial in heart rate – very accurate!

Visit: www.cyclingvideosonline.com/_video_details/anaerobic4.html

Coming Soon! “ODW Bay Area Back Roads, The Marshal Loop”


OMG Just look at that picture! That’s an actual screen shot! Filmed in HD in Marin County California.

Brand New Video Camera – Looks like we’re riding on rails now! You will not believe the clarity and color richness.

On Demand Dash 4.0

  • Simplified interface
  • Up when you need it, gone when you don’t
  • Intuitive and easy to use

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