Road Rage!

I was recently given a video that really frightened me. Anger, impatience, and intolerance seems to be a theme on the roads with many people. The […]

Controversy over the word “spinning”

While it’s great that Specialized responded to public pressure over the word “Roubaix” this is far from an isolated indecent. My small bike video company was […]

Beat the Heat and train indoors! Don’t be so macho, there is a limit

Hello! Here in Denver we have been dealing with 95-100 degree heat on a daily basis. Quite honestly, I cannot get in the intensity of workout […]


I don’t think that love is a “feeling.” You can feel emotions, but, love is not an emotion. There is no difference between being truly in […]

A Cyclists Survival Guide to a Total Knee Replacement – The Drugs (P-6)

I had a knee replacement and was prescribed oxy and tram. I was on it for 8 weeks before deciding I could manage the pain without. […]

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