?How Do I download the videos?
If a download link is available, you may purchase the download. Upon payment you will be provided your payment confirmation and on the payment confirmation screen, links to your downloads will be made available. Additionally you will receive and email confirmation of your purchase along with the download links to your files.
?Why isn't my download working?
The download links will expire in one of 2 ways. 1. The time limit has been reached (14 days). 2. The max number of attempts has been reached (7). If you are receiving errors, please contact us. BtBoP@CyclingVideosOnline.com
?Why is my download taking so long?
Keep in mind, these video files are fairly large, 1-4GB. Depending on your connection speed, these could take several hours to download. Also, the time of day and your location on planet Earth will factor into your download speed. Busier times of day might be slower and many locations throttle back your download speeds, not to mention your internet service provider which may also be throttling you back due to usage (bandwidth) restrictions.
?I opened the video file and received a corrupt file message.
Most likely the file hasn't finished downloading.
?What is in the xtras folder?
These are the goodies. Included in this folder are many of the videos you see on this web site including the how to use these videos video, the route flyover as well as a few additional videos like the end credits. We even provide you the gps files so you can explore the route on Google Earth!
?Help! My video wont play in iTunes! (Quicktime)
iTunes is a bit quirky as it doesn't like multiple audio tracks. The multiple audio tracks are an important component to these videos and we want everyone to enjoy them. The best solution is to use VLC http://www.videolan.org/This is a free video player that works flawlessly on both mac and pc. However, if you must use iTunes, most videos provide at least one quicktime playable video. Find the video that specifies Quicktime compatible and download it.
?Help! How do I play my video on my iPad?
One of my favorite questions :) The iPad can be a pain in the butt little device and the changes to the product over time makes no one solution applicable. If yours is a newer iPad with USB interface, you can load the video file to a USB drive and transfer from that to your iPad. Or, better yet, you can play directly from the USB drive. If it doesn't have USB, you can check your email from your iPad and download the video from the email that was sent to you. If the iPad does not have the storage capable of saving the file to it, a nice little workaround is to upload the file to your dropbox account (if you don't have one, get one, it's free). From your dropbox folder, you can play the video file. Dropbox is simply an online storage device and appears like a hard drive on your computer. You instal dropbox on your computer and drag and drop files to it just like you would move files from one folder to the other. On your ipad, you would instal the app. when you open the app, you'll see all of the files on it. Because the file is hosted in the cloud, the playback quality will be dictated by your download speed. Bigger files may be choppy. Use the smaller, quicktime compatible files for best results.
?Help! My video wont play in Windows Media Player.
WMP is fairly reliable with the playback of mp4 h264 video. So, playback will usually work. However, the audio might be out of whack again due to the 3 audio tracks. Sometimes you'll hear all 3 at the same time and it sounds horrible. To fix this, 1. Download VLC media player. It's free, easy and the best media player out there. http://www.videolan.org/
?How do I select the different audio tracks?
Windows Media Player and iTunes wont let you. Download VLC, http://www.videolan.org/ and play the video. On the menu bar select audio / audio track and select the desired track. See pic below
?How do I burn the video to DVD?
Download and install ConvertXtoDVD and use this extremely simple program to create your DVD. Look at the image below, or, for more detail, click here
?I don't see my question listed
Contact us: BtBoP@CyclingVideosOnline.com and submit your question. Just keep in mind, this is not tech support and we can't teach you how to use your computer :)

This is the most recent dashboard layout and how to video.  Most indoor cycling videos and DVDs that Cycling Videos online creates utilizes an “dashboard” to help you focus on the workout ingredients. The dash has evolved over the years to accommodate different training techniques, so, make sure you watch the workout demo to see which dash is used.  The dashboard is composed of “tools.” Each tool serves a unique function to help to engage you into the indoor cycling workout video experience.

Heart rate tool – This is the staple tool to dial in the workout as it tells you how hard you should be working. Our indoor cycling workouts and DVDs convert a heart rate in beats per minute to a percent of maximum, this way, the heart rate tool is appropriate for all users. To convert your heart rate:

1. find your max.

2. divide your current heart rate by tour max.

Cadence tool: this tool tells you how fast your legs should be spinning. If you have a cadence sensor on your indoor bike or your spin bike, you’re good to go.

Gear ratio / resistance tool: The gear ratio tool provides you with a gearing recommendation to help simulate the feel of the efforts. In other words, if you’re climbing, the gearing will suggest a hard gear to make your legs feel the climb. If you are on your spin bike, or, in a spinning class, use the resistance value instead. This value will change and you will need to adjust the tension on your spin bike to match the resistance in the workout video.

Profile tool: these are the graphs which show you where you are along the timeline of your bike ride. The top graph displays the hill profile. The middle graph displays effort profile. The bottom graph displays the power profile. There are two white lines that intersect all 3 graphs. These 2 lines show your position along the timeline. This is great because it gives you a chance to prepare for tough efforts that are on the horizon, or, let’s you see how much torture is left in the workout 🙂

Power tool – If you have a power meter, this tool is cool. It’s a little tricky to use, but, it really lets you see when it’s time to put the hammer down. We have calibrated the power tool in such a way that it is indicative of VO2max (threshold power). If you’re confused, please read our blog on TP and VO2max. Basically, if the tool indicates about 80-100% power, you’ll have about 30 seconds until you’re dead.

RPE tool: this is a feature you’ll see on the newer videos and simply converts power into an RPE (rated perceived exertion) scale. RPE simply defines how hard it feels you are working. 1= easy, 10=30 seconds till death 🙂

Indoor Cycling Videos and DVDs – FAQ’s

Cycling Videos Online strives to make the process of downloading and watching our videos seamless. Please refer to these questions before contacting us
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